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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Report Reveals Disabled Workers In NYC Paid 20% Less

Disabled people in New York City have a much higher unemployment rate than their non-disabled counterparts. Those that do have a job make significantly less money than their peers. This information is not surprising to those of us who advocate for disabled individuals, but it is still sobering to see hard data on something we have long suspected.

A Report from State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s Office

A recent report from State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s Office revealed some new statistics on the employment rates and wages of disabled individuals in our city:

“Only 41 percent of people with disabilities in New York City were in the labor force in 2017, compared to 79 percent for those without disabilities.” This is despite the fact that the labor market has tightened, and employers are eager to hire anyone who can do the job. While more disabled people are employed than in the past, they are still underrepresented. Barriers to entry include “lack of education or training, lack of transportation, the need for accommodations and the person's own disability.”

When they do get a job, “[p]eople with disabilities earn less than those without disabilities, although they earn more in New York City than the national and statewide medians. The median for those with disabilities in the City was $32,000 in 2017, 20 percent less than those without disabilities.”

Part of the reason for the wage gap is that “[a] larger share of people with disabilities were employed part-time (36 percent) than those without disabilities (27 percent). The median annual earnings for those who worked full-time was $48,200, more than three times higher than those who worked part-time ($14,000).”

The report also noted that “34 percent of working-age people with disabilities live in poverty in New York City, a higher share than in the nation (26 percent) and New York State (30 percent), and more than twice the share for those without disabilities in New York City (14 percent).”

This data should be a wake-up call for anyone who thinks that employers do too much to accommodate people with disabilities in the workforce, and those who think we as a society spend too much supporting people with disabilities.

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