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Committed To Getting Disabled New Yorkers Support

Committed To Getting Disabled New Yorkers Support

Seelig Law Offices is dedicated to helping disabled individuals in the New York City area tap into the disability benefits they deserve. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become notably more difficult to secure the care and financial assistance our clients need, but we have not become discouraged. Instead, we have redoubled our efforts to seek justice, enforce laws that protect the most vulnerable, and fight discrimination.

The Struggle of Disabled Persons During the Coronavirus

A recent article in TIME Magazine highlights the struggle disabled persons are having during the coronavirus crisis. Some of the stories it shares are shocking — like the woman who is on a ventilator all the time and rightly fears the government may decide someone with COVID-19 needs it more than she does. But many of them can be summed up by the quote from this young woman, “If I get corona, I’m gonna die because I’m disabled and someone along the lines has decided that my life is of less value…”

Our firm confronts government bureaucrats and medical professionals with this able-ist attitude all the time. Although we have grown used to it, it still makes our stomach turn. We know that the life of each and every one of the clients we assist is valuable.

As attorneys, it is our job to serve as counselors and advocates for our clients. We guide them through the disability benefits Leviathan, alerting them to opportunities and resources they may otherwise not have been aware of. We then work on their behalf to secure benefits they can use to sustain or improve their lifestyle. In many cases, we do not charge our clients a fee for our service unless we are able to secure additional benefits for them.

During the pandemic, we have often been tasked with helping our clients secure in-home services. As the TIME article notes, “For people with disabilities, ‘stay at home’ orders only work if they can access the support they need at home.” The alternative is moving into a group home or nursing facility, which have been hit hard by the coronavirus, particularly here in New York.

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For many of our clients, leaving their home would be a death sentence, but so would staying there without proper support. This is why we keep going, even in the face of this cruel virus.

If you are a disabled New Yorker who needs assistance tapping into the benefits you or a family member are due, we may be able to help. Please contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

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