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Full-Service Representation After A Workplace Accident

An accident on the job often moves from a medical emergency to a financial and legal crisis. Especially if your injuries were severe or catastrophic – or if you lost the life of your loved one in a workplace accident – you owe it to yourself to work with an attorney and a law firm with a strong reputation for handling complex issues in clients’ favor.

At Seelig Law Offices, every workplace accident case merits a detailed, thorough investigation. We do not want any client to miss out on available compensation or support.

If Workers’ Compensation Applies

You may have been injured at a construction site, in an office building, in an industrial facility, in a hospital or in your routine activities as a truck driver. If you are someone’s employee, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

When we advise you after a workplace injury that merits workers’ compensation, we will make sure that you pursue all benefits that you are eligible for, including medical care, lost wage replacement, occupational retraining and anything else you should receive even if your employer or an insurer puts up roadblocks.

If A Work-Related Injury Was Caused By A Third Party

In addition to workers’ compensation – over and above workers’ comp benefits, in a separate personal injury case – you may have a viable claim or lawsuit against a negligent third party. Our law firm helps clients recover maximum compensation from all sources.

Your third-party liability claim may help you get compensation for pain and suffering from a negligent person or organization such as the following:

  • A subcontractor at a worksite
  • A property owner
  • The owner of a vicious dog
  • A delivery or repair service that was involved in your workplace before your accident
  • A manufacturer of defective tools or equipment
  • A security company that did not provide the promised security

This is just a partial list of possible liable third parties after a work-related injury. Did your accident involve scaffolding or a ladder? New York’s laws including scaffold and ladder safety rules may open the doors to the compensation that you need.

Turn To Our Tenacious Team Of Advocates

Is your employer giving you trouble after a workplace injury? We have a saying in our law offices: Never give up. Our attitude is one of persistent pursuit of solutions for our injured clients.

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