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Applying For Disability After Workers’ Comp

Applying For Disability After Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation benefits are great. Here in New York, the law requires that workers’ comp provide you with medical benefits and some income while you recover from an on-the-job injury. But what happens when those benefits run out before you have completely healed? What happens if you will never heal?

In these scenarios, you should consider applying for disability. The experienced attorneys at the Seelig Law Group in Manhattan can help you determine which disability benefits you may be eligible for, and help you complete your application.

Without knowing what your particular situation entails, it is difficult to say whether you will qualify for disability. We strongly encourage you to schedule a free initial appointment with a member of our team so we can get to know you, and provide you with legal advice that fits your unique circumstances. Please be skeptical of any information on the internet that says you can or cannot qualify for benefits without even meeting with you and hearing your story.

To make the most of your free initial consultation, we recommend bringing along the following information:

  • Information About Your Injury
  • Medical Records
  • Workers’ Compensation Records
  • Financial Records
  • Personal Info

Information About Your Injury

One of the silver linings to suffering a workplace injury is that the details of the event or activity that caused the injury are often well-documented. This information can be invaluable when you are filling out your application for disability benefits.

Medical Records

As you are well aware, in order to qualify for workers’ compensation, you must undergo extensive medical testing and treatment. Your diagnosis, treatment plan, and your body’s response to that plan are critical details that will significantly impact your eligibility for disability.

It will also be necessary to assess your underlying or pre-existing medical conditions to determine if you meet the strict standards for disability benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Records

You and your employer have filled out mountains of paperwork for workers’ comp. The good news is that paperwork can be quite helpful as you put together an application for disability benefits.

Financial Records

The benef

its you are eligible for will depend in part on your past income. If possible, please bring a copy of your most recent pay stubs, bank statements, and tax return to your initial meeting.

Personal Info

Finally, you should gather up the information you would need to start any legal action — your full name and address, the legal name and address of your spouse, telephone numbers, email addresses, and your Social Security number.

Don’t Let Gathering Information Delay You

Pulling together all this information is a daunting task, especially when you are dealing with an illness or injury. If you can’t find some or all of this information, that’s okay! You should still make an appointment at our New York City office.

Bringing all this information, or as much of it as possible, with you to your initial consultation will help us give you the best advice possible. This allows you to get a sense of how our firm works and what direction your case may take before you decide to hire us to represent you.

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