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Can you make a Social Security disability appeal?

Can you make a Social Security disability appeal?

In many situations, you are able to make an appeal for Social Security disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) denies most applications on the first try. You could add more information to prove your disability in your appeal. While you’re waiting for your application to go through, you may want to look into New York’s short-term disability benefits, as well.


Social Security allows you to represent yourself. You could receive free assistance for your Social Security disability appeal as well. The government also permits a family member, an expert or an attorney to represent you. You’ll need to submit a form to inform the administration of your representative and have your chosen representative make a formal written request if you are paying them.

Time to file for review

You have up to 60 days to file for further review. This applies to any aspect of the appeals process, including reconsideration, review by the Appeals Council and an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing. The time starts from the day you receive your notice of Social Security decision.


A new person will review your application when you request a reconsideration. They look at the initial evidence in addition to any new supporting information that you include. You don’t need to attend the reconsideration, but you could show up if you want to.

An administrative law judge hearing

You could request an ALJ hearing if the SSA denied your reconsideration. If you’re not able to attend the hearing in person, Social Security may allow you to attend through video. Before your hearing, the administration might ask you for additional information or clarification. If you have additional evidence, then you may want to submit it as soon as you can. You could bring in witnesses to your hearing, as well.

Appealing the decision on your Social Security disability application or benefits is possible. Be sure to make your appeal on time and include any additional evidence.

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