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Federal Government Restores Hundreds of Wrongfully-Denied Disability Claims

Federal Government Restores Hundreds of Wrongfully-Denied Disability Claims

If I am denied Social Security Disability benefits, can I appeal?

Social Security disability benefits are often denied wrongfully, or due to an incomplete application and medical record. Oftentimes, an applicant who receives a Notice of Denial is able to successfully reapply and receive much-needed financial assistance. However, denials may also occur as a result of a glitch or issue in the Social Security Administration’s system – as was the case for hundreds of Kentucky residents who have happily had their wrongfully-denied benefits restored.

Eligibility Review Issues Spark Unprecedented Suspension for Disabled Beneficiaries

Across several counties in West Virginia and Kentucky, as many as 1,000 disability beneficiaries received an unexpected and life-shattering notice from the SSA that their benefits were being suspended pending an ‘eligibility review.’ For most of these individuals, loss of their benefits would mean virtually no income for an indefinite period of time – leaving many to wonder how they would pay for food, shelter, and medicine.

In an immediate move by representatives from the area, residents’ voices were heard and benefits were immediately restored pending the outcome of the reviews, which were calculated by the SSA to determine if residents were still eligible to be receiving disability benefits under current guidelines.

Classifying the matter as ‘life or death,’ U.S. Representative Hal Rogers urged the SSA to restore funding to these residents until the review process concluded – as opposed to making them wait for payments while agents processed each file. According to local reports, as many as three residents from the area are believed to have ended their own lives over the thought of complete destitution – a fact with which local residents and lawmakers cannot live.

The eligibility reviews were prompted by an investigation into a Kentucky-area lawyer believed to be falsifying medical records in order to win approvals for his clients. Nonetheless, representatives for the beneficiaries reiterated the injustice of suspending benefits without giving them an opportunity to prove eligibility

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