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Getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance

Getting approved for Social Security Disability Insurance

Anyone who applies for Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, in New York is never given any guarantees. Not every application will be approved; this is based mainly on the type of disability and medical condition.

Not every condition is the same

The Social Security Administration does not treat every medical condition equally. First, the SSA defines what a “disability” is and then defines the specific type of disability that is eligible for SSDI benefits. You can find out if you are eligible by reviewing the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool on the SSA website.

A recipient has to be unable to work due to a severe disability that will last for one year or longer or will be terminal. Another requirement is typically to be near the average retirement age of 62 or older. Most of all, you cannot suffer from a partial or short-term disability.

Apply immediately

Apply for SSDI as soon as you are eligible or else risk losing a stable income. After filing a SSDI application, you have to wait three to six months for a response unless you apply for fast tracking. The SSA is also known to approve only one out of three applications.

Keep your health insurance

Eliminating your health insurance is not recommended because you’ll need regular health care coverage. Social Security Disability Insurance covers the costs that are related to your permanent disability, but standard health care insurance is necessary to cover every other medical need from preventative care to dental procedures.

Additional advice when applying for benefits

Approving your Social Security disability claim depends mainly on the length and severity of your disability. You need to obtain accurate patient records from all of your medical providers from the moment of the illness or injury that caused your disability. Keeping records organized can help with your application.

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