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How to Hire a Disability Benefits Lawyer

How to Hire a Disability Benefits Lawyer

Being unable to work because of a disability can be frightening and frustrating. However, there are government programs that assist individuals with disabilities. These programs provide disability benefits that help individuals pay for necessary living expenses if they are unable to work because of a disability. Hiring a New York disability benefits lawyer to help file a disability claim can help avoid mistakes and errors with disability applications that can create unnecessary denials and delays of disability benefits.

When Is It Too Late to Hire a Disability Lawyer?

It is never too late to hire a disability attorney to help you with your SSDI or SSI disability application. Even if you have already filed your disability application with the Social Security Administration (SSA), you can hire an attorney to help you with your claim. While there are many advantages of working with a disability lawyer early in your case, you can benefit from the legal counsel, guidance, and support provided by an attorney at any stage in the disability process.

Advantages of hiring an attorney to assist you with your disability claim include:

  • An experienced disability lawyer understands the law and the process of filing a disability claim.
  • Your attorney prepares and files your disability application.
  • You do not need to worry about missing a deadline or an appointment because your attorney monitors those for you.
  • Your attorney works with your medical providers to obtain the evidence necessary to prove you are disabled.
  • Lawyers understand the rules regarding income and asset requirements for disability benefits.
  • If your claim is denied, your attorney can file a timely disability appeal on your behalf.
  • If you must attend a hearing for your disability claim, your attorney handles the hearing and manages witnesses and evidence.

The disability claims process can be overwhelming. Having an experienced attorney handle your claim can reduce your stress level and help you get the benefits you need as quickly as possible.

Hiring a New York Disability Benefits Attorney to Help You with Your Claim

Whether you are beginning a new Social Security disability benefits claim or you are having problems with your current claim, an attorney can help. However, you need to choose a disability lawyer who has extensive experience handling disability claims. It is not rude to ask an attorney how long he has been practicing disability law and how many cases he has handled. You should also ask the attorney about his qualifications.
The SSA limits the amount an attorney can charge for services related to disability benefits. Disability lawyers receive a percentage or maximum fee based on the amount of back pay you receive for your disability claim. Therefore, a reputable disability lawyer should not ask you to pay any upfront attorney’s fees when you hire the attorney.

However, the SSA does allow attorneys to charge for reasonable costs associated with handling your claim, such as copy costs, postage, travel expenses, and medical record fees. Some attorneys bill for these costs during the case while others wait until you receive your back pay to bill for the charges. Make sure you ask the attorney about billing for costs before you retain the attorney.

If you have questions about Social Security disability claims, contact our New York disability benefits attorney for more information.

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