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Medical conditions that qualify for SSDI benefits

Medical conditions that qualify for SSDI benefits

Qualifying to receive SSDI benefits in New York is not always easy. There are many conditions that need to be met. This can be harder to do if you have a certain set of symptoms that do not match precisely with those in the Blue Book. However, if you present your case correctly, you can prove that your illness requires these benefits.

Automatically receiving SSDI benefits

There is no set procedure under which you can automatically receive Social Security Disability benefits. The closest that you can come to guaranteeing a positive decision is to prove that you have a certain type of illness. This illness must prevent you from working for at least a year or be one that is likely to prove fatal eventually.

Conditions that usually qualify

There are certain conditions that will be considered as the most likely to qualify you immediately for SSDI benefits. These can include:

  • Cancer
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Blood disorders
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Endocrine disorders

To qualify for these benefits, you must have spent a certain period doing work for which you paid into Social Security. In order to be considered eligible for SSI, you must show proof of a very limited income and financial assets. The condition that you report must meet the baseline of SSDI eligibility in order to be assessed.

What if your illness is not listed?

Many types of chronic and debilitating illnesses are not listed in the SSDI Blue Book, which stipulates eligibility. You may also have symptoms that do not exactly match those listed. You may still qualify for benefits, however.

In order to do so, you will have to present your case directly to Social Security. You will need to show proof that your illness or symptoms are as severe as those listed in the Blue Book. If they accept that these symptoms limit your ability to work, you can qualify.

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