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More Female FDNY Retirees Receive Disability Than Men

More Female FDNY Retirees Receive Disability Than Men

What percentage of retired firefighters receive disability pension?

According to a review of the New York City Fire Pension Fund’s 2014 financial report, as many as 70 percent of the former FDNY female workforce is receiving three-quarters disability pension payments in retirement. Among these women is Ms. Brenda Berkman, who broke the FDNY’s gender barrier and was among the first 41 female firefighters inducted in 1982. Today, however, Ms. Berkman suffers from several post-9/11 injuries, as she was one of the brave first responders – and worked Ground Zero for several months thereafter.

The Pension Fund report included 30 retired female FDNY firefighters. Disability pension is paid to 22 of those retirees, or 73 percent, and 21 of those retirees receive an “accidental disability” pension after experiencing a job-related injury. That means 70 percent of all female retirees are getting an accidental disability pension, which represents 75 percent of the former employee’s final average salary.

Following the release of the report, some experts weighed in on the issue and noted the apparently disproportionate number of disabled female retirees versus men, a group with a 63 percent disability pension rate. Some have questioned whether the academy is properly training females for the rigors of the job position, while others are concerned whether certain tactics used in emergency response efforts are too outdated or ineffective to avoid injury.

The 9/11 tragedy triggered a swell in disability claims, ranging from severe respiratory issues to mental health conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder. Other women have suffered severe burns, irreversible orthopedic injuries and permanent lung damage.

Of the 10,500 cadets serving in the FDNY, there are currently 44 active duty females – the most ever to serve since employment was opened to women in 1982.

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