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Paperwork Problems Plague Disability Applicants

Paperwork Problems Plague Disability Applicants

The number one reason the Social Security Administration denies disability applicants from Manhattan is problems with paperwork. That’s why the Seelig Law Group spends so much time making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before we submit our client’s disability claim forms.

Zero Tolerance For Mistakes

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is very strict. It has a zero tolerance policy for problems with paperwork. The agency must be strict because it is under a lot of pressure from policymakers to cut costs and crack down on fraud. While saving taxpayer money and preventing fraud are good things, strict rules mean some people who deserve benefits do not receive them because there was a slight problem with their paperwork.

Dotting The i’s And Crossing The t’s

The SSA suggests applicants gather all of the information listed on this online checklist before beginning an application for disability benefits. While it is true that all of this information may be needed to submit a successful application, seeing it all in one place is as overwhelming as it is helpful.

At the Seelig Law Group we don’t say “Here’s the SSA’s document list. Good luck.” We work with our clients to gather all of the necessary information and paperwork, step by step.

Some information is easy for an applicant to provide. For example, most people know their spouse’s name and birth date.

Other information can be found by looking through documents you have on hand, or giving someone a call. Things like bank account info, military service records, and employment history can all be tracked down. The Seelig Law team helps our clients request and organize all of this important information.

The hardest information to get is also the most important when it comes to seeking disability benefits — medical records. Getting a full copy of someone’s medical records, especially when they have been referred to various specialists, can be challenging. To make things even more difficult, the records need to accurately and exhaustively document the disability. The Seelig Law team has the experience needed to 1. Track down this information and 2. Make sure the doctors’ notes are adequate. If we think additional documentation is needed, we help our clients get an appointment with their doctor and advocate for the clear diagnosis they need to bolster their application.

Once we have helped our client gather all of the requested information, we organize it and double check that everything is in order. We want the application and supporting documents to clearly demonstrate our client’s eligibility for benefits. If the application is denied, it shouldn’t be because of a paperwork problem.

When Winning Matters Most

Applying for disability benefits can be a complicated process. A successful application must be complete and organized so the bureaucrat reviewing it has no choice but to approve it. Seelig Law Offices’s team of experienced SSD and SSDI attorneys can help you prepare and submit your application for disability benefits to ensure it is complete, organized, and accurate. Contact us today to get your application started.

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