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Paralympic Athletes Inspire Us All

Paralympic Athletes Inspire Us All

This summer, thousands of disabled athletes are traveling to Tokyo to compete in the Paralympic Games. It is a shining example of the amazing things disabled individuals can accomplish if they are given the support they need to thrive. At the Seelig Law Group, we are proud of the work we do to make sure disabled people in New York City can tap into all of the benefits they are eligible for.

What Are The Paralympics?

What began as a small archery contest for disabled veterans, held at the same time as the London Olympics in 1948, has grown into one of the world’s largest international sporting events.

The first official “Paralympic Games” were held in Rome in 1960. 400 athletes from 23 countries competed in a variety of sports. In 1976, the first Winter Games were held. Today, both the summer and winter events are held in the same city, venues, and years as the Olympics. In fact, the word “Paralympics” actually means beside the Olympics. It is a combination of the Greek preposition “para” meaning beside, and the well-known Olympics.

This year, a record 4,403 athletes (including several from New York City) will compete in 22 different sports. Each of the athletes has a disability. There are 10 different impairment types represented:

  • Impaired Muscle Power
  • Impaired Passive Range of Movement
  • Limb Deficiency
  • Leg Length Difference
  • Short Stature
  • Hypertonia
  • Ataxia
  • Athetosis
  • Vision Impairment
  • Intellectual Impairment

In Motion

It is inspiring to see these athletes overcome the obstacles their disabilities present, and compete in their sports at a level few can match. They are world class athletes, and they deserve our admiration, respect, and support.

This year, for the first time, Paralympians who win medals will earn the same amount of prize money as Olympians in Tokyo, thanks to a 2018 decision by the U.S. Olympic Committee board. They are also getting more television coverage this year than ever before, which should raise the athletes’ profiles and give them an opportunity to woo more fans and sponsors.

These are big steps in the right direction. But we can, and should, strive to do more for the Paralympians who represent us so well. We should also work to support and raise the spirit of the disabled individuals in our own communities.

When Winning Matters Most

The Seelig Law team is proud of the work we do to support disabled individuals in New York City. The bulk of our practice is devoted to assisting people with Social Security Disability Claims. We help people with initial applications and work on appeals when claims have been denied.

Over the years, we have gotten millions of dollars that was rightfully theirs into the hands of our clients. If you need help accessing disability benefits, and want to learn more about what the Seelig Law Group can do for you, please contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation.

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