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Preparing for the SSD Hearing

Preparing for the SSD Hearing

What will happen during the SSD hearing?

The fact is that over half of all SSD claims will initially be denied. If your initial claim is denied, you have the right to file an appeal. In New York and many other states, you may be able to appeal your application to an administrative law judge who will conduct a Social Security Disability (SSD) hearing. It will often take over a year to get your hearing date. You will want to ensure you come to the hearing armed with sufficient evidence to support your claim for disability benefits. Our NYC Social Security Disability claims lawyer at Seelig Law Offices, LLC offer an overview of the SSD hearing and how you can prepare for it below.

The SSD Hearing

Social Security Disability hearings are fairly informal. They range in length from just 15 minutes to an hour. There will typically be a court reporter present who will swear you and any other witnesses in. The judge will ask you questions about your disability and ability to work. A vocational expert will typically be present and may offer the judge a list of hypothetical jobs that someone with your limitations could perform. During the hearing, you will be able to present evidence that supports your disability and inability to work. The more evidence presented, the easier the judge’s decision will be.

Evidence to Bring to Your SSD Hearing

In preparing for your SSD hearing, you will want to gather crucial evidence to support your claim. Start by bringing your most up-to-date medical records. Be sure to request these documents as soon as you receive your hearing date as it can take some time for hospitals and physicians to obtain these records. Consider coming armed with a statement from your doctor. Your physician can greatly strengthen your case by providing a detailed description as to your work limitations.

Obtaining the assistance of an SSD attorney can prove critical to your SSD claim during the appeal process. The SSD hearing is high stakes so it is crucial that you come prepared with a knowledgeable attorney by your side. Contact an SSD lawyer today for assistance with your claim.

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