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SSDI Applicants Could Experience Delays

SSDI Applicants Could Experience Delays

How can I speed up the Social Security Disability claims process?

For millions of disabled Americans, Social Security Disability benefits provide much needed financial support. Each year, upwards of 10 million people will receive SSDI benefits. Without these benefits, disabled Americans that cannot work could find themselves in dire financial straits. Applying for SSDI benefits is a notoriously complex process that can involve lengthy delays. Now, with funding challenges and understaffing, SSDI applicants may wait even longer. Applicants are now waiting several months to receive a judge’s decision. Our NYC Social Security Disability claims lawyers offer some ways to speed up the SSDI claims process.

On the Record (OTR) Review

Most of the delays in obtaining SSDI benefits stem from waiting for the ALJ hearing. If you have submitted sufficient evidence to clearly show you are disabled, then rather than waiting for an ALJ hearing, you can request an “on the record” (OTR) review. With an OTR, a judge will make a decision with just a review of your file. It allows you to skip the hearing and forego testimony. You must file a request for an OTR after you have appealed the denial. Not all applicants will be granted an OTR review, especially if your file is lacking in evidence of your disability.

Compassionate Allowance

Those with a serious illness may be able to get benefits more quickly through the Compassionate Allowances List. Medical evidence of a condition such as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Tay-Sachs Disease, and other critical ailments may be sufficient to expedite your SSDI benefits claim.

Dire Need

If you are in dire need of benefits, you may be able to get the ALJ to schedule your hearing soon than usual. A dire need is defined as an immediate threat to your safety or health, such as having no money for shelter, food, or basic medical care. Evidence that you are homeless or facing eviction could allow you to receive a hearing sooner.

For faster assistance with your SSDI claim, contact an experienced SSDI lawyer. Your attorney can help to ensure your application is complete and will be accepted the first time around. If your application is denied, your lawyer will help you to obtain the quickest resolution possible.

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