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Are you eligible for social security disability in New York?

Are you eligible for social security disability in New York?

New Yorkers who find themselves out of work as a result of a disability might be able to get relief in the form of federal disability benefits. This disability benefit is paid out by the Social Security Administration (SSA) as either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

There are a few different hurdles that New Yorkers looking to apply for short- or long-term disability have to overcome. The SSA will utilize different tools to determine whether you qualify for disability payments.

How eligibility is determined

The SSA defines disability as a physical or medical condition that will last more than 12 months or is terminal. The disability should render you unable to work at all and not just in your current line of employment.

For example, if you have a severe leg injury that takes away your ability to work in the manual labor jobs you’re used to, you might not qualify for disability insurance if you can still work a desk job. In this case, the SSA would require you to just get a different job.

There are a few different areas that the SSA will look at when determining eligibility for disability, such as an individual’s ability to sit, stand, walk, reach, and communicate. You’ll also be judged on your ability to use proper judgment and work under minimal supervision.

How to prove your disability

It’s important to go through the proper channels for your medical diagnosis as the SSA will likely interview your doctors and look at your medical history to make their decision. They’ll also typically review your treatment plan to determine the length of time that you’ll be on disability.

Applying for disability benefits might seem like an overwhelming process. However, many people find that going through the process is ultimately worth it.

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