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How Social Security disability works with standard insurance

How Social Security disability works with standard insurance

Social Security disability benefits in New York are provided to individuals who qualify. These benefits are separate from private disability insurance products. There is often confusion about whether a person can receive Social Security disability benefits as well as private disability benefits.

Social Security Administration (SSA) requirements

Qualifying for Social Security disability depends on age, duration of employment and the type of disability based on the Social Security Administration’s specific terms. The SSA requires that a total disability causes an inability to work. The condition should be expected to last for a year or longer.

Most importantly, the recipient has to meet the strict definition of a disability. A variety of other personal factors are considered, including skills and past work experience.

Private insurance

The recipient of Social Security disability benefits is also eligible to receive private disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits at the same time. The Social Security payments will not decrease if an individual receives concurrent payments.

However, a private disability insurer may decrease or cancel benefits after a client develops an illness. A partial disability is covered, but the payments can stop at any time, even if the person remains disabled. In contrast, a Social Security disability program covers a full disability and has no time limits on receiving benefits. The payments can stop after the person beings working regularly.

Every participant in the Social Security disability program has to understand a beneficiary’s rights and requirements. Receiving payments from a federal disability insurance program, such as Social Security, means being eligible to receive payments from a private disability insurance provider. When the payments are sent concurrently, the recipient obtains the full benefits of both programs.

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