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FAQ: Understanding Recent Changes to Social Security Claiming Strategies

What changes were made by Congress to Social Security “files and suspend” claims? In 2015, Congress voted to make some sweeping changes to Social Security laws – primarily those impacting retiring Baby Boomers and their portfolios. The following answers some general questions about the changes.…

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Social Security Projections Miss the Mark

Is the Social Security Administration giving inaccurate projections? Now that Congress has punted on any serious measures to reform the Social Security System, critics continue to question the accuracy of the Social Security Administration’s funding projections. The concern is that the SSA’s figures make the…

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A Safety Net for Society’s Neediest

What does the Social Security Disability Insurance program cover? Since the 1950s, the federal government has provided a safety net to people who are considered disabled, and are unable to work and support themselves and their dependents. The Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security…

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How the Social Security Administration Classifies Disability Based on Respiratory Disease or Injury

I have chronic asthma and suffer from frequent attacks. Could I be eligible for Social Security disability benefits? With any evaluation of Social Security disability benefits, the SSA will review the applicant’s occupational information as well as the medical condition from which he or she…

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Social Security Disability: General Qualification Information

How do I know whether I qualify for Social Security Disability? Generally speaking, those who qualify for Social Security Disability will have worked at a qualifying job for a certain number of years and have a medical condition that qualifies as a “disability” under Social…

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Congress Considers Proposal to Raise Social Security Benefits

What are the proposed changes concerning Social Security benefits being considered by federal lawmakers? Social Security benefits are a vital component of the retirement portfolio of millions of Americans. Accordingly, a Congressman from Florida recently requested a memo from the Congressional Research Service in order…

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State Earmarks $7 million to Help New Yorkers Denied Federal Disability Benefits

I was recently denied disability benefits by the Social Security Administration. What are my options in New York? As more and more Americans face career-ending physical and mental disabilities, the available resources for new applicants have steadily diminished over the past several years. Accordingly, applicants…

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NYC Council Aims to Assist Taxi Drivers in Obtaining Rightful Benefits & Employment Status

Where does the law stand in terms of disability benefits for taxi cab drivers? In New York, a special short-term disability statute allows for workers across a wide variety of industries to enjoy some semblance of financial security when facing a short-term illness or injury.…

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Federal Government Restores Hundreds of Wrongfully-Denied Disability Claims

If I am denied Social Security Disability benefits, can I appeal? Social Security disability benefits are often denied wrongfully, or due to an incomplete application and medical record. Oftentimes, an applicant who receives a Notice of Denial is able to successfully reapply and receive much-needed…

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