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How To File a Disability Claim for Psoriatic Arthritis

How To File a Disability Claim for Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a severe, debilitating illness that causes pain and inflammation in the joints. The government provides disability benefits to cover the medical bills and living expenses of individuals who are diagnosed with this condition. In New York, there is a process to follow when filing a disability claim due to psoriatic arthritis.

Meeting qualifications

The first step in applying for Social Security disability benefits for injuries is to decide if you qualify. The primary decision is based on the severity of your condition and the limitations in your ability to work. Your condition has to meet certain criteria that are set by the Social Security Administration (SSA). These criteria are classified into four different categories. One category may qualify you if you have certain symptoms like severe fatigue while another category requires you to have a joint deformity or use an assistive device.

Proving that you cannot work relies on the medical documentation provided by your doctor. A medical provider must prove that your condition is a permanent disability that will last for one year or longer without improving.

Filing a claim

Other eligibility requirements include being of adult age, not receiving any current SSA benefits and not receiving a claim denial within the past 60 days. You need to include your basic personal information, including employment and medical information.

Covering the costs of your disability

Many people face the harsh reality of not being able to return to work and are unsure of where their next income will come from. Applying for government benefits is recommended to those who suffer from a long-term disability caused by psoriatic arthritis.

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