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The 3 Biggest Myths of SSD Benefits

The 3 Biggest Myths of SSD Benefits

Are you planning to apply for SSDI benefits in New York? You have every right to do so. There are a great many benefits that you will be entitled to if you are approved. However, you should also be aware of the most common myths that have been built up by misunderstanding and ignorance.

SSDI is a free handout

The first thing you should be aware of is that SSDI is never a free handout. The truth is that SSDI is an earned insurance benefit.

Over 156 million workers in the United States have access to this benefit due to the contributions they make through their FICA payroll tax. This ensures that the funds involved come straight from the workers themselves. There is no extra burden that the taxpayers have to pick up.

People who get SSDI won’t go back to work

Another common myth is that people who receive SSDI are simply looking for a free income to help them avoid going back to work. This is a myth that reveals a complete misunderstanding of how the SSDI program functions.

The point of putting in an SSDI application is to get benefits to tide you over during the time you are recovering from an injury. Once their recovery is complete, the vast majority of recipients go back to work.

Money is the only reason to apply

There is much more to the SSDI than the money you can receive. You should also consider such benefits as Medicare coverage and aid for your dependents. There is also a disability freeze that is designed to protect your Social Security retirement benefits. These are features that give you a great deal of support beyond the financial benefits.

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