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SSI Earnings Caps

SSI Earnings Caps

Many New Yorkers are denied Social Security Disability Insurance when they file for benefits. There are several reasons why this happens, but the primary reason is that SSDI is a qualified insurance program based on tax credits accrued during a working career. Many who are not authorized for SSDI are then evaluated for Supplemental Security Income that is based on personal assets and financial need. Also known as SSI, this program differs from the SSDI plan regarding how much money a recipients can earn if they choose to work, and it can significantly limit the amount of benefits a recipient can receive while they are employed.

Ticket to work program

Some SSI recipients will want to participate in the Ticket to Work Program that allows benefits while still allowing the beneficiary to work in a substantive gainful employment position for an approved employer. This program is effectively a 2-for-1 benefit reduction plan whereby Supplemental Security Income is reduced by $1 for every $2 earned. SSI payment totals would adjust accordingly.

Actual earnings capacity

The amount an individual could earn and still draw a minimal SSI benefit would be double the maximum amount for those in Category A who are single and self-sufficient. Those who are married would have a total payment 1/3 dollar amount reduction based on two recipients. Allowed SGE for married couples would be calculated on totals using the same sliding scale.

In addition to the established earning scale for reducing benefits, the first $20 are automatically removed from the calculation along with the first $65 of income as well. Depending on the type of employment, certain business expenses can also be claimed in reducing the total amount of earned income and how it would apply to any SSI benefit reduction.

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